About Us, Our Values and Commitments

Liquatex is committed to providing our customers with an outstanding range of quality spill control products and services to meet their needs - on time every time.

Liquatex is a family based, Tier One, Spill Control Company situated in Victoria. Our well positioned locations enable us to service both metro and rural Australia efficiently.  

With representation in all states, we have the ability to service all industry sectors throughout Australia. As our focus is on quality customer satisfaction, we strive to offer same day dispatch.

Since its inception, Liquatex has steadily progressed to be a leader in the field of absorbents and spill control products.
Following many years of extensive worldwide research, Liquatex has sourced, and can offer, an excellent, unique, extensive and highly absorbent range of products at cost effective prices.

Liquatex’ high priority commitment to protecting the environment has also forged its respect as a responsible company that cares.  This care extends to our customers, employees and the industry.