Drain Protection for Sale

Safeguard Australia’s waters with our drain protection options

Where there’s a drain, there’s an easy access route to the ocean, so allowing spills of dangerous chemicals and other products to go down the drain will not do our waters any favours. Liquatex offers a range of high quality drain protection options that prevent everything from leaks to seepage to spillages and more from occurring and causing harm to the environment.

Choose from a selection of drain protection products such as:


Liquatex drain protection is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum effectiveness in preventing spillages from reaching the water. For any information or to buy drain protection for your business, call Liquatex on 1800 442 126 or contact us online

Poly Drain Covers

Poly Spill Berm

Floor Bunding

PVC Water-filled Bund

Drum Plugs

Drain Pollution Guard