Marine Spill Kits for Sale

Working on or near water? Have these products on hand

Over years we’ve heard about the long term damage that spillages of oil, chemicals or other waste products in the ocean can cause. If you work with any of these products on or near large bodies of water, it’s crucial to have the right methods of containing and cleaning up spillages in place should one happen.

Liquatex has marine spill kits for sale throughout Australia, capable to cleaning up and containing spillages in a safe and eco-friendly manner. We offer a range of options including:


Our marine spill kit options can help contain a range of spillages, from chemicals that are thin in consistency to thick silt, and everything in between. For further details on our marine spill kits contact Liquatex online or call 1800 442 126. 

Marine Spill Kits

Absorbent Booms

Folded Sweeps


Oil Nets

Silt Curtain