Spill Containment for Sale

Prevent the likelihood of spillages with our spill containment products

Working with hazardous materials requires an effective approach to preventing spillages from occurring or spreading in the workplace. Liquatex has an extensive selection of spill containment products for sale, helping businesses throughout Australia adopt practices that improve workplace safety for everyone.

Come to Liquatex for a range of options including:


Whether you work with chemicals, oils, or other potentially hazardous products, our spill containment products can help you keep your materials secure, intact and above all, safe. For further information, contact Liquatex by calling 1800 442 126 or get in touch with us online.

Polyethylene Spill Pallets

Polyethelene Low Profile Bunding

Polyethelene IBC Spill Pallets

Polyethelene Drum Racking

Outdoor Hardtop Storage

Salvage Drums & Transporter

Steel Drum & IBC Bunds

Steel Racking System

Portable Spill Bunding

Spill Trays

Site Mats