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Wheelie Bins The spill kit on wheels - ready to be taken to the action. Ideal for factories or workshops where the potential emergency spill may occur, and where they may be some distance apart. Each kit is carefully packed with PPE and the appropriate absorbents to contain and absorb a spill up to the size stated (depending on the viscosity of the fluid). These come in two varieties - the premium and the standard ranges. The premium kit is guaranteed to absorb 120 litres of liquid. Protection covers are also available to keep spill kits clean and protected from the weather.

120 Litre Premium Bin• 100 x Pads
• 4 x 1.2m Mini-Booms
• 2 x 3.0m Mini Booms
• 8 x Pillows
• 1 x Goggles
• 1 x Nitrile Gloves
• 1 x Coverall Suit
• 6 x Disposal Bags
• 6 x Cable Ties
• 1 x Security Tag
• 1 x Laminated Instructions

120 Litre Standard Bin• 50 x Pads
• 6 x 1.2m Mini-Booms
• 2 x Pillows
• 1 x 30L Organic Absorbent
• 1 x Brush and Pan Set
• 1 x Nitrile Gloves
• 4 x Disposal Bags
• 4 x Cable Ties
• 1 x Security Tag
• 1 x Laminated Instructions


Refill kits are available for all spill kits, or we can custom design a kit to suit your needs.

Click here for empty wheelie bins.


Description Pak Qty Code
120 Ltr Premium general purpose spill kit 1 K26-4012P
120 Ltr Premium oil and fuel spill kit 1 K26-4212P
120 Ltr Premium chemical spill kit 1 K26-4412P
120 Ltr Standard general purpose spill kit 1 K26-4012S
120 Ltr Standard oil and fuel spill kit 1 K26-4212S
120 Ltr Standard chemical spill kit 1 K26-4412S