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30 Litre Storage Cabinets 

Liquatex range of Safety Cabinets provides everyday safe storage for most classes of dangerous goods, fully compliant with legislative construction requirements. Some of the standard features include fully adjustable shelves, smooth action self closing and self latching doors, and much more. This underbench storage unit suits a variety of applications such as laboratries, hospitals and schools. A well respected performer in all areas of dangerous goods storage throughout all industries.

Standard features:
  • High capacity, liquid tight sump to contain spills.
  • Superior powder coated finish for high resistance to hazardous substances.
  • High quality, zinc coated, steel construction.
  • Reliable hydraulic, self closing doors with adjustable closure rate.
  • Stainless steel continuous pin hinging adds strength.
  • Strong fully adjustable shelving perforated for air movement, 100mm adjustment increments
  • Weight - 33kg 
  • Fitted with distinct safety signs and directions.
  • Fully compliant with Australian Standards (AS 1940-2004) 

Accessories available include additional shelves, PVC shelf trays and sump liners.

  Height Width Depth
H01-0030 Flammable liquid storage External Internal 800mm       553mm 500mm       418mm 450mm       370mm
H03-0030 Oxidizing agent storage cabinet
H05-0052 Organic peroxide storage cabinet
H07-0306 Toxic substance storage cabinet
H09-0308 Corrosive substance storage cabinet