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660 Litre Wheelie Bins Easy to locate, bright yellow, 4 wheeled bin rolls quickly to a spill site. It’s large enough to hold enough absorbents for a spill of up to 660 litres (depending on the viscosity of the fluid).

The Liquatex Large 4 Wheeled Spill Kit fits easily through a doorway or down the aisles in a factory. Can also be moved with a forklift. Use it indoors or out.

If you have an on-site assessment that demonstrates a potential risk where large quantities of absorbents are needed, carefully consider one of these. Available in three grades, general purpose, oil and fuel and chemical. All packed in order of use from the top downwards.

• 300 x Pads
• 1 x 500mm x 40m Roll
• 4 x 125mm x 3m Booms
• 4 x 3m Mini-booms
• 16 x Large Pillows
• 2 x Goggles
• 2 x Gloves
• 2 x Coverall Suits
• 2 x 30L Organic Absorbent
• 1 x Floor Sign
• 1 x Barrier Tape
• 20 x Disposal Bags
• 20 x Cable Ties
• 1 x Security Tag
• 1 x 1kg Drum Plug
• 1 x Broom
• 1 x Brush & Pan Set
• 1 x Shovel
• 1 x Laminated Instructions

Comply with EPA regulations and ensure your kit is regularly audited and replenished.

Description Pak Qty Code
660 L General purpose spill kit 1 K26-6060
660 L Oil and fuel spill kit 1 K26-6260
660 L Chemical spill kit 1 K26-6460

Click here for empty wheelie bins.