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Barrier Bunding

Liquatex’ cost effective solution to bunding in high traffic areas. Stop the spills spreading out of the factory or shed and into the drains.

Barrier Bunding caters to all types of traffic; it has a beveled edge and flat top surface to allow forklifts or vehicles to move over it without damage. It is resistant to most chemicals and is ideal in both hot and wet weather conditions.

Simple and quick to install – Do it yourself. Barrier Bunding comes ready glued in one length, four different sizes. When you need to change direction, just mitre the corner, glue with Super Grip and join. If at any time you happen to damage the bunding, it’s easy to replace a section. It’s as simple as that!

Description Size Pak Qty Code
Barrier bunding low’n’wide 25 x 280 x 900mm 1 D46-3090
Barrier bunding high’n’wide 40 x 280 x 900mm 1 D46-3190
Barrier bunding low’n’narrow 25 x 140 x 900mm 1 D46-3290
Barrier bunding high’n’narrow 40 x 140 x 900mm 1 D46-3390
Super grip glue and brush 250ml 1 D46-4250