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Contractor's Silt Curtain

Fast assembling and durable silt curtains for maximum regulation

Control silt, sediment and run-off from construction sites and dredging operations with effective and high-quality silt curtains from Liquatex. Designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for Australian Marine contractors, the float casing is constructed from PVC coated polyester and reinforced with polyester webbing, so you know our products are durable.

The floats on these durable silt curtains are integrated into the casing using oil resistant, crumble proof, closed cell PE foam block. A webbing reinforced PVC coated chain pocket is attached to the bottom of the skirt. The standard skirt fabric is 270 GSM non-woven polyester, however Liquatex offers a range of alternative materials, including woven and non-woven polyester, impermeable coated fabrics and various mesh configurations.

Manage your marine operations better with silt curtain from Liquatex

Our Contractor’s silt curtains are available in 15m sections. A joining system has been developed to provide simple but effective removal and attachment of sections both on land and in the water. Long length silt and sediment curtains are pre-joined and assembled to provide easily deployable bundles, minimising onsite installation time - no need to add any extra chains or floats.

Three grades of Contractor’s Silt Curtain available:

Contractors Silt curtain:
• Refer to table.

Heavy duty permanent:
Debris and litter containment.
• Open water sediment curtains.
• Water treatment pond baffles.
• Sewerage baffles.
• Weed containment boom.

Open sea curtain:
• Open water silt curtain.

• Pollution control barriers.

Contact a Liquatex consultant for specialist advice regarding our Contractor’s silt and sediment curtain.
Description Length Code
Contractor’s silt curtain with 0.5m skirt 15m W48-0515
Contractor’s silt curtain with 1.0m skirt 15m W48-1015
Contractor’s silt curtain with 1.5m skirt 15m W48-1515
Contractor’s silt curtain with 2.0m skirt 15m W48-2015
Contractor’s silt curtain with 2.5m skirt 15m W48-2515
Contractor’s silt curtain with 3.0m skirt 15m W48-3015
Contractor’s silt curtain with 4.0m skirt 15m W48-4015
Contractor’s silt curtain with 5.0m skirt 15m W48-5015
Contractor’s silt curtain with 6.0m skirt 15m W48-6015