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DEBRIS CONTAINMENT BOOMS These booms are designed and manufactured for open stormwater drains, creeks, rivers and construction sites to control and confine floating debris. Additionally, debris booms are used to control industrial surface pollutants, household rubbish and weeds etc and the skirt depth is configured to the specific deployment location. These heavy duty and robust booms come with impermeable matting or mesh skirt.
Our Debris Containment Log Booms have a diversion bar and are manufactured from foamed HDPE with a rigid skirt. These booms are designed to divert debris to GPT screens during period of high flow.

Liquatex Floating bridge mat and debris containment boom

Floating bridge mat consists of two float assemblies with a float supported geo-fabric to catch lead paint fragments and other debris from bridge repair.

Liquatex floating log boom for debris diversionLiquatex HDP Floating debris boom

Example of a Log Boom/debris diversion bar                                            Permanent floating debris boom.
manufactured from foamed HDPE with rigid skirt. Boom
diverts debris to GPT screen during period of high flow.