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Oil and Fuel Dimpled Rolls
These products are hydrophobic – they don’t absorb water. Great for oil spills, on land, or in water. 100% polypropylene fibres, constructed with no coverstock, for maximum absorbency. Dimpled for extra strength and resistance to tearing.

Heavyweight or lightweight pads, both perforated down the middle.

Consider the lightweight option. Exactly the same, but half the thickness. So twice as many pads in one pack, absorbing the same amount, over twice the area.

Two widths of rolls, 500mm and 1m. Both 40m long for maximum coverage. Dimpled for strength, and perforated for convenience and economy of use.

A strong and absorbent traditional product.

Description Size Pkt Qty Code
Dimpled oi and fuelheavyweight roll 1m x 40m 1 A14-2214
Dimpled oil and fuel heavyweight roll 500mm x 40m 1 A14-2254
Dimpled oil and fuellightweight roll 1m x 40m 1 A14-3214
Dimpled oil and fuel lightweight roll 500mm x 40m 1 A14-3254