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Liquatex Heavy Duty Open Water CurtainLiquatex heavy duty open water curtain systems provide a multipurpose float assembly that can be used with a range of skirt configurations ranging from heavy duty oil containment booms to heavy duty high integrity silt and sediment curtains. These are constructed with individual float logs that are 2m long x 300mm high, foam filled HDPE and through bolted reinforcing belting on the skirt assemblies. Due to the heavy weight materials and construction, these open water booms are able to sustain hits from small vessels, adverse weather and wave conditions. Sections of the boom can be replaced, if required.

Typical applications:
·    Permanent installations for oil and debris containment
·    Heavy baffles for sewage and water treatment plants and oil field dewatering ponds
·    Permanent installations around sensitive ship discharge and loading operations
·    Frequent deployment around ship bunkering and transfer operations
·    Storm water outfall and weed containment netting booms
·    Toxic algae trawls using flow through skirts
·    High durability baffle systems
·    High strength (>400kN) longitudinal strength on float and ballast assemblies
·    Conventional anchor connection points are integrated into the float assembly and retain equivalent loading capacity to the float assembly
·    Floats are rotationally moulded foamed HDPE through bolted on the skirts making them impact resistant and easily replaced if required
·    Skirts are available up to 30m deepand are fabricated from 200kN wide width tensile knitted PET or PP
·    A large proportion of the components are re-useable
·    Offer long term deployment with limited maintenance
·    Capable of being bottom anchored

Floatation: Rota-moulded HDPE Hi Vis yellow foamed filled.
Additional reinforcement with 2 x 60kN webbing below the floats
Skirt: 100-200kN PET or 80kN PP or knitted polyolefin from 1m to 18m
Heavy Duty Open Sea Curtain installation.jpgBallast:
 -  Weight: 8-20mm galvanised standard link chain-  Pocket: (Optional) 900gsm PVC reinforced pocket with 60kN webbing
-  Floats: Extruded shackle connectors
-  Skirt: 15mm marine zippers
-  Ballast: >20mm galvanised shackles
-  Fittings: Stainless steel eyelets and marine grade aluminium

Heavy Duty Open Sea Curtain - Port of Botany Expansion

Port of Botany Expansion - Sea Curtain deployed using ballast mooring system to minimise impact on adjacent shipping. Lateral anchors were placed on seabed to remove potential navigation hazards from moorings.