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IBC Spill Bins - C66-2117
Once again, heavy duty construction, but with the added benefit of allowing the IBC container to be on raised platform, useful for decanting liquid and allowing easy access to the drain valve. For ease of use the bin comes with an additional support tray. To prevent corrosion, the bins come in a durable galvanised finish.

IBC Spill Bins - C66-3100 Safely store and bund those IBC containers. This unit has close spacing support bars and comes in a long life Zinc plated finish, offering a complete protection against damaging and costly chemical spills. Specifically designed to suit most IBCs available, these Spill Bins are supplied in a durable galvanised finish.

Description Size Code
IBC spill bin 1458 x 1460 x 1137mm C66-2117
IBC spill bin  1456 x 1456 x 830mm C66-3100