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LiquaSweep X900 A natural sea sponge with a huge absorption capacity. Stays dry and granular even when saturated. Due to it’s non-leaching characteristics, this floorsweep can be disposed of in appropriate land fill areas. Ideal for road transport spills. Can even be used as an alternative to Kitty litter.

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Description Size Pkt Qty Code
LiquaSweep X900 3.75kg                 1 G20-9007
LiquaSweep X900 3.75kg       120(pallet) G20-9407
LiquaSweep X900 15kg  bag                 1 G20-9015C
LiquaSweep X900 15kg  bag         66(pallet) G20-9415C
LiquaSweep X900 - bulker bag 1000kg                 1 G20-9500