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Mega Bund

Heavy duty rigid floor bunding for high traffic areas. Mega bunding is flexible and retains its strength whilest having excellent chemical resistance. Premium polyurethane moulded product to be glued and bolted to hard surfaces. Ideal for surrounding storage areas for drums or even containing contaminated water from a carwash.
Description Size Pak Qty Code
MegaBund urethane floor bunding 25 x 150 x 1000mm 1 D46-1150
MegaBund urethane floor bunding 32 x 200 x 1000mm 1 D46-1250
MegaBund 150 Corner Piece   1 D46-1155
MegaBund 200 Corner Piece   1 D46-1255
MegaBund installation kit - 5m   1 D46-1305
MegaBund installation kit - 10m   1 D46-1310
MegaBund installation kit - 15m   1 D46-1315