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Cotton – an organic alternative to traditional polypropylene absorbents.

Environmentally friendly products manufactured from 95% sustainable and recycled resources.

These pads are all heavyweight for maximum absorption. Extremely soft, versatile and cost effective. Two grades - general purpose and oil and fuel. Two types of construction - standard and laminated.

NaturaSorb Cotton Pads The most cost effective products with the widest application. The most natural! Due to the unique structure of these products, they have a high degree of durability, absorbency and strength, - they actually get stronger when wet!

NaturaSorb Cotton products contain fire-retardants. What more could you want from an absorbent product!

Liquatex NaturaSorb Cotton Pads, the natural choice in absorbents.

Description Size Pkt Qty Code
Naturasorb Cotton general purpose pad 460mm x 410mm 100 A04-1080
NaturaSorb Cotton oil and fuel pad 460mm x 410mm 100 A04-1280