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NaturaSorb Fibre Pads

Green to produce - Green in use.
NaturaSorb Fibre - Liquatex’ alternative absorbents – products derived from sustainable resources.

NaturaSorb Fibre takes less away from the environment. It's made from a minimum of 80% cellulose products, with O-Cel Technology. A highly absorbent natural product that gives away nothing on performance. Increased absorbency means less waste material to dispose of. More efficient, cost effective and better for the environment.

Liquatex NaturaSorb Fibre range of pads come with a spunbond layer of coverstock for additional durability. Great for drips, spills and wiping applications. They’re also perforated – only tear only what you need. Makes for economy of use. The all rounder, the general purpose absorbent.

Please Note: NaturaSorb products are not for use with highly aggressive acids and caustics.

Description Size Pkt Qty Code
NaturaSorb Fibre general purpose pad 380mm x 480mm 100 A06-1065