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Oil and Fuel Marine Booms
When oil or fuel is spilt into a waterway, whether it’s a lake, a river or the sea, it needs to be cleaned up – fast.
Liquatex oil and fuel booms are made of a strong mesh outer sleeve which encases a poly sock filled with highly absorbent polypropylene. For added strength, there’s a nylon rope running through the boom. It also ensures long lasting durability and easy retrieval.

Standard Boom
They’re hydrophobic which means they only absorb oil and fuel, not water. A critical feature that keeps the booms afloat while in use. Booms can be linked together with easy-to use connectors to form a containment system big enough to handle almost any spill.

Double Boom
Designed for those times when extra absorbency is needed. It could be on the land at oil and fuel stations or on the water to contain a larger spill.

Description Size Pkt Qty Code
Oil and fuel boom 110mm x 3m           4 A16-7103
Oil and fuel boom 130mm x 3m           4 A16-7213
Oil and fuel boom 170mm x 3m           4 A16-7220
Oil and fuel boom 200mm x 3m           4 A16-7223
Oil and fuel boom 110mm x 5m           2 A16-7105
Oil and fuel boom 130mm x 5m           2 A16-7215
Oil and fuel double boom 220mm x 110mm x 3m           2 A16-7313
Oil and fuel double boom 220mm x 110mm x 5m           2 A16-7315