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Waste Collection & Disposal Ensure safe collection and storage of waste flammables and oily rags.

Safe and efficient transportation and disposal of hazardous materials is possible with Liquatex’ range of containers and receptacles.

Oily Waste CansUsed for the temporary disposal of flammables and oily rags, these cans safeguard against spontaneous combustion. Cans open to 600 with slight pressure on foot treadle and close when foot is removed.

Waste Liquids Disposal CansThe cans’ large receiving openings can be clipped back for easy filling. The perforated-metal flash arrestor prevents ignition of contents and the self closing cap reduces evaporation and provides automatic pressure relief.

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Description Size Pkt Qty Code
23 L Oily waste can, foot operated 375mm x 286mm 1 M80-1230
30 L Oily waste can, foot operated   1 M80-1300
38 L Oily waste can, foot operated 451mm x 330mm 1 M80-1380
53 L Oily waste can, foot operated 483mm x 381mm 1 M80-1530
9.5 L Waste liquids disposal   1 M80-3095
19 L Waste liquids disposal can 508mm x 305mm 1 M80-3190