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Lubrication Dispensing System

• Fully sealed system keeps dirt out and reduces spills.
• Dispenses easily and quickly.
• Minimise dangerous and costly oil spills and accidents.
• Easily identified colour coded system minimizes cross contamination.
• Made from non-reactive high density polyethylene.
• Flip switch activated breather vents.
• Available in 3 drum sizes and 3 nozzle sizes.

Description Size Pkt Qty Code
Lubrication storage drum 2 ltr 1 M84-1002
Lubrication storage drum    5 ltr 1 M84-1005
Lubrication storage drum    10 ltr 1 M84-1010
Mini spout dispensing nozzle   1 M84-1106
Stretch spout dispensing nozzle   1 M84-1112
Stumpy spout dispensing nozzle   1 M84-1125
Stretch spout extension hose   1 M84-1115
Stumpy spout extension hose   1 M84-1127
Storage lid   1 M84-1230
Utility lid   1 M84-1250
Hand pump   1 M84-1330