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Spill Kit Accessories and Refills As part of the Liquatex service, all of the spill kit parts are available to purchase separately.

If none of the standard kits contains exactly what you need, you can order it separately.

Or… we can custom design the contents of your bin or kit.

Description Pak Qty Code
Clear plastic clip closing bags 10 K24-1000
30L Yellow carry bag 1 K24-2001
50L Yellow carry bag 1 K24-3001
Safety goggles 1 K30-7100
Disposable Coverall suit 12 K30-7300
Nitrile rubber gloves 12 K30-7200
Heavy Duty PVC gloves 12 K30-7250
Biodegradable hazardous waste disposal bags 100 K30-8100
Black cable ties 100 K30-8200
Plastic security tags 10 K30-8300
Danger Hazardous Spill floor sign 620mm x 310mm 1 M94-1060
Emergency Spill Kit Station poly wall sign 300mm x 225mm 1 M94-1030
Emergency Spill Kit Station poly wall sign 450mm x 300mm 1 M94-1050
Black and yellow barrier tape 75mm x 50m 1 K30-9100
Polyethylene non-sparking shovel 1 K30-9200
Aluminium non-sparking shovel 1 K30-9300
Long handled aluminium non-sparking shovel 1 K30-9350
Heavy duty brush and shovel set 1 K30-9400
Long handled heavy duty broom 1 K30-9500