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Polyethylene Drum Spill Pallets Oil, Chemicals, or Waste – whatever it is - liquids in drums all need to be safely bunded by a spill pallet. Just consider the consequences of a leaking drum to the environment. It has the potential to make the workplace unsafe, it could run out into the drains, and worse, get into our waterways. Put it on a bunded spill pallet and it’s caught in the sump.

The sump must have a capacity that complies with current legislation. This states that it must be 25% of the total stored, or 110% of the largest container, whichever is the most.

Liquatex 4 Drum Oil Spill Pallets, designed to fit 4 205L Drums for safe and practical storage of hazardous liquids, oils, chemicals, batteries etc.

Manufactured from lightweight but tough and durable, chemical resistant polyethylene. Includes forklift spaces compatible with most fork lifts and pallet trucks for easy manoeuvring.

Each item is a one piece moulded unit with removable injection moulded grate with handles for easy removal and cleaning.

Large 250 litre sump capacity ensures compliance with current regulations.

Safe working load of 1250KG


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Code Description Dimensions
C50-1002 Polyethylene 2 drum bunded pallet - Yellow 1300 x 750 x 440mm (h)
C50-1002B Polyethylene 2 drum bunded pallet - Black 1300 x 750 x 440mm (h)
C50-1004 Polyethylene 4 drum bunded pallet - Yellow 1290 x 1380 x 280mm (h)
C50-1004B Polyethylene 4 drum bunded pallet - Black 1290 x 1380 x 280mm (h)