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 General Environmental Awareness & Spill Kit Induction – Basic Course

To provide basic on site awareness to personnel, in the workplace, of their responsibility and duty of care in relation to the environment. To provide a brief overview of different spill control and containment methods and the appropriate steps in using spill response kits.
Course Procedure:
The introduction to the course is to ensure all participants are made aware of their responsibilities, legal obligations and duty of care in the workplace.
Information is provided regarding the different absorbents available, methodology of containing liquids and options in relation to the appropriate steps in attending to a spill.
The main content of this course is focused on the correct six step procedures for using spill kits. This is broken up in to the following:
1)  Initial response – Evaluation of the spill area.
2)  Control –Ensuring the affected area is safe. Using PPE correctly.
3)  Containment – Containing the spill
4)  Absorbent Selection – Using the correct absorbents in the correct sequence.
5)  Disposal methods – Ensuring the used absorbent materials are disposed of in the correct manner.
6)  Reporting & Restocking: Reporting to Management and any other relevant authorities and ensuring all used materials are replaced.
A certificate is issued to each participant on their successful completion of the course.
Approximately 1 hour
Number of Participants:
Ideal number 10-15