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Spill Trays

Liquatex' spill trays are ideal for the storage and handling of smaller quantities of Liquids. These fully sealed and moulded polyethylene bunds are available 

with or without grates for different working applications. Very useful for the storage of batteries and 20-25 litre drums. Often used in laboratories and small workshops.
Looking for larger bunded workfloor for your 205 ltr drums?Click here



Description Size Code
Spill tray with grate - 20 litre 600 x 400 x 155mm C51-3080
Spill tray with grate - 30 litre 800 x 400 x 155mm C51-3082
Spill tray with grate - 40 litre 800 x 600 x 155mm C51-3084
Spill tray with grate - 60 litre 1000 x 600 x 175mm C51-3086
Spill tray with grate - 100 litre 1200 x 800 x 175mm C51-3088