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WATER TREATMENT BAFFLES  Liquatex designs and manufactures a range of fixed and floating baffle systems for applications associated with the following:
·         Process water ponds where floating baffles are used to increase detention time, to enable positive control of flow. We have also developed flow through window systems which may be opened or closed depending on the requirements 
·         Treatment cells and impoundments -  these applications applied to date include control of flow through treatment systems and directional control to improve aerator efficiency
·         Hanging baffles in waste water treatment systems where positive support is available within treatment cells
·         Floating baffles in potable water treatment plants including reservoirs to allow suspended solids to fall out of inflow water easing the burden on filtration systems during period of peak flow e.g. storm events
·         Fixed baffles within tank reservoirs to the detention time within tanks. These hanging baffles are often installed in bore supplied potable water systems 
Product summary specifications:
·         HDPE float assembly
·         Stainless steel top tension wire
·         Stainless steel or Galvanised steel ballast chain
·         Flow through windows
·         Mooring assemblies with hardware
·         Baffles can be constructed from reinforced flexible membranes or non reinforced High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene membranes, fitted with either encapsulated two part bolts on the floats.
We are also able to supply a full range of installation hardware including bottle screws, shackles, wire rope and chain.

Liquatex water/sewerage treatment solid floating baffle boom

HDP Boom is a rugged permanent solution for high flow areas. Typical application includes hydro power tail race installation.