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Liquatex offers a range of noxious weed containment booms and barriers for operational, temporary or permanent long term installations. This curtain, whilst primarily designed for control and containment of noxious weeds, is also employed in other applications such as:
-  As a debris containment curtain for stormwater drains where a low durability short term solution is required.   
-  As a construction boom, for example:  timber wharf work being undertaken to contain saw dust and light floating debris.
We are able to offer these weed booms in:
-  Skirt depths up to 20m   
-  Variations on mesh size to include knotted netting cut and sewn on the squares   
-  Float chambers constructed from base skirt materials
Nexxo weed curtains use only the best quality materials in the float assemblies and skirts. Particular care is taken on the correct application of woven polypropylene and structural grade mesh's, ensuring integrity of the installation and longevity.
Filter skirt fitted with chain ballast and reinforcing webbing.

Liquatex Weed BoomLiquatex Weed Boom detail