An oil or chemical spill on a water way is serious business, if it happens you need to act fast with effective measures, which is why when working near water you should invest in Liquatex's range of absorbent booms. We have a variety of booms including oil-only, chemical, double booms and spaghetti booms to suit your needs.

Bilge Booms

Designed to retrieve oil that has entered storm water drains, boat bilges or sump tanks. Removes oil, not water. Won’t sink, even when fully saturated. Comes complete with a nylon rope for lowering into the sump or drain.

Spaghetti Boom

Used extensively in the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, these double layered booms contain coarse spaghetti like polypropelene filling.  Designed with significantly greater surface area, these booms provide the ability to quickly capture oils with high viscosity i.e. thick hydrocarbon spills.      

Chemical Boom

Designed to contain and absorb large volume spills, especially where it’s an unknown fluid. To be used on land only.  

Oil and Fuel Marine Booms

When oil or fuel is spilt into a waterway, whether it’s a lake, a river or the sea, it needs to be cleaned up – fast. Liquatex oil and fuel booms are made of a strong mesh outer sleeve which encases a poly sock filled with highly absorbent polypropylene. For added strength, there’s a nylon rope running through the boom. It also ensures long lasting durability and easy retrieval.…