Liquatex deliver the best absorbent mini booms on the market, supplying more flexibility and expansion thanks to their unique knitted outer layer. Choose between our Ultra, Select and NaturaSorb mini-booms depending on which best suits your needs. Learn more on each below.

Liquatex Mini Booms

Our Mini Booms are superior. Why? The outer layer is knitted, which allows for flexibility and expansion. More ‘hug’ and ‘fit’ on uneven surfaces. Absorbent - super absorbent. It’s the fill that gives it the absorbency, and the retention. Absorbs as much as 12.1 litres per mini boom. (Depending on the viscosity of the fluid.) All three grades, general purpose, oil and…

Naturasorb Cotton Mini-Booms

The best available earth-friendly alternative to traditional melt blown products. Mini-booms are available in two handy sizes – 1 metre and 2 metre lengths, and in two grades – oil and fuel and general purpose.All those special eco-friendly features found in the NaturaSorb Cotton pads and rolls are also found in mini-booms and pillows.

Naturasorb Fibre Mini-Booms

Mini-booms filled with NaturaSorb Fibre recycled absorbent. Great for stopping the spill from spreading. Available in two handy sizes -1.2m and 2.4 m lengths.