Find the biggest and best range absorbent pads on the market, look no further than Liquatex. We have a selection of pads suitable for different purposes including - general, oil-only and chemical pads. From the tough to the soft to the most absorbent or natural product - Liquatex has it all!

NEW Liquatex Absorbent Pads

These pads are simply the toughest, softest and the most absorbent on the market......What’s noticeably different?   Although the thickness is probably the most noticeable benefit of our pads, there’s more to it than that....   To start with, a layer of heavy weight ‘spunbond’ material to the top surface gives the pads a stronger and better looking finish. The middle…

Dimpled Pads

These products are hydrophobic – they don’t absorb water. Great for oil spills, on land, or in water. 100% polypropylene fibres, constructed with no coverstock, for maximum absorbency. Dimpled for extra strength and resistance to tearing. Heavyweight or lightweight pads, both perforated down the middle. Consider the lightweight option. Exactly the same, but half the thickness. So twice…

Meltblown Pads

Polypropylene in its raw state – meltblown – no added extras - no dimpling - no coverstock. The core product of the oil industry for years. These pads have more loft, more space in them and they’re smoother. Notice the quality of the construction. Two weights of pad are available, heavyweight and lightweight. Choose the cost effective solution to suit your requirements.

Naturasorb Cotton Pads

Cotton – an organic alternative to traditional polypropylene absorbents. Environmentally friendly products manufactured from 95% sustainable and recycled resources. These pads are all heavyweight for maximum absorption. Extremely soft, versatile and cost effective. Two grades - general purpose and oil and fuel. Two types of construction - standard and laminated. The most cost effective products…

Naturasorb Fibre Pads

NaturaSorb Fibre - Liquatex’ alternative absorbents – products derived from sustainable resources. NaturaSorb Fibre takes less away from the environment. It's made from a minimum of 80% cellulose products, with O-Cel Technology. A highly absorbent natural product that gives away nothing on performance. Increased absorbency means less waste material to dispose of. More efficient,…

Absorbent Wipes

Great for those jobs where dust can be a problem. A superb wipe down product - great for smaller jobs.  Both come in a pack of 50 wipes.


General purpose, oil and fuel and chemical drum top covers. Precut at 560mm dia. to fit your drum top perfectly. Highly absorbent dimpled, meltblown polypropylene – the traditional absorbent material. A cost effective and efficient answer to tidy drum tops when decanting liquids.