Liquatex stock a range of bioremediation products, eco-option neutralisers that do not activate until all the necessary components are present - oxygen, water and oil/fuel. These products break down materials into carbon dioxide and water to neutralise fuel or oil through biological degrading.

Bio Cleaning Agents

Liquatex High Performance Bio Cleaners - Derived from Natural and Renewable Resources. Readily bio-degradable, non-toxic and non-flammable. All Liquatex cleaners are highly concentrated and are supplied with diluting instructions suitable for many applications. • Herd oil slicks to collection booms for surface recovery • Wash beach and waterfront sand and rocky soils • Wash pier facilities…

Soil Remediation Products

These absorbents are inoculated with microorganisms to help combat and breakdown hydrocarbons in soil. To find out more about these products, please contact one of our Liquatex consultants.

Bioremediation Products

Completely safe – these products function by ‘eating’ oils and fuels. Bioremediation products contain micro-organisms that remain inert unless all of the needed ingredients are present - oxygen, water and oil/fuel. The biological degrading process results in the production of carbon dioxide and water, two non hazardous substances. More Bioremediation products are available on request.…