Looking for any drum accessories? Whether it is safety vents, gauges or faucets, Liquatex has the lot!

Pop-up Drum Gauge

Avoid unnecessary spills! Gauge fits ¾” opening on a 205L drum and pops-up to indicate when drum is full.

Drum Faucets

Reduce spills when decanting with safety drum faucets. Self closing and equipped with flash arresters to prevent entry of flames. When used with safety drum vents, they convert standard 205L drums into fire safe containers.

Antistatic Wires

Avoid static electricity charges when transferring liquids from one drum to another with a dual hand clamp and bonding wire assembly combination. Choose the one that suits your application.

Drum Vents

Vents automatically relieve pressure that build up in drums by allowing it to be released slowly. Use it in conjunction with a brass or metal safety tap to convert drums into fire safe containers.