Liquatex offers, durable and effective floor bunding to limit spillage areas in high traffic spaces. Use the bunding listed below to section off potential spillage areas from areas where a spill could do the most damage or contamination, like drainage areas.

Heavy Duty Rubber

Provides a bunding solution for compounds subject to traffic, both vehicle and human. Contains or redirects liquid spills without the need for major construction or assembly. Made from non-porous, heavy duty rubber with excellent chemical resistance. Includes Dynabolts for application

PVC Floor Bunding

A flexible and economical way of bunding areas that contain a large volume of hazardous liquids. Very simple to install, it creates an effective storage area while still allowing easy access within by personnel and vehicles. High density foam encased with chemical resistant PVC. Returns to its original shape immediately after being driven over.

Mega bund

Heavy duty rigid floor bunding for high traffic areas. Mega bunding is flexible and retains its strength whilest having excellent chemical resistance. Premium polyurethane moulded product to be glued and bolted to hard surfaces. Ideal for surrounding storage areas for drums or even containing contaminated water from a carwash.

Barrier Bunding

Liquatex’ cost effective solution to bunding in high traffic areas. Stop the spills spreading out of the factory or shed and into the drains. Barrier Bunding caters to all types of traffic; it has a beveled edge and flat top surface to allow forklifts or vehicles to move over it without damage. It is resistant to most chemicals and is ideal in both hot and wet weather conditions. Simple and…