Avoid any spillage when transporting 205 litre drums by using a Liquatex drum handling product attachment on your forklift.

Drum Tongs

Simple and effective lifters avoid any spillage when moving drums. Easily used with a crane, hoist, or forklift hooks. Tongs can safely lift up to 350kg or 500kg.  

Forktyne Hooks

600mm wide attachment that suits most forklifts. Fitted with safety chains, the hook can lift up to either 1100kg or 2000kg.  

Drum Rotator

Fast and economical solution to emptying 205L drums. Chain belly strap with eccentric lock secures drum in place. Enamel painted finish.  

Drum Lifting Clamps

Forklift attachment for the safe picking up and releasing of 205L drums. Fully automatic operation. Comes as a single or double unit, in a painted or galvanised finish.