Liquasweep granular absorbents are a crucial tool in dealing with spills of all sorts of dangerous chemicals. Each variety of granular absorbents are more suitable to certain spillage situations so read below for the most appropriate type for you.

LiquaSweep X300

A cost effective loose absorbent. Non slip, fast wicking, non-leaching and landfill friendly. Download the MSDS  

LiquaSweep X500

This lightweight, bio-remedial absorbent actually ‘eats’ oils and fuels. Non-toxic, non-abrasive, biodegradable and suppresses vapours. Effective on both land and water. Contains Bio-remedial products which assist in the decomposition of hydrocarbon.   Download the MSDS

LiquaSweep X700

The 100% organic, premium grade lightweight absorbent. This alternative to kitty litter floor sweep, is bio-degradable, non-leaching and landfill friendly. Sweeps very clean and leaves no residue. Can be used on both land and water. Download the MSDS  

LiquaSweep X900

A natural sea sponge with a huge absorption capacity. Stays dry and granular even when saturated. Due to it’s non-leaching characteristics, this floorsweep can be disposed of in appropriate land fill areas. Ideal for road transport spills. Can even be used as an alternative to Kitty litter.  Download the MSDS