Manual drum handling has never been made easier with the Liquatex drum dolly and trolleys.

Drum Trolley

Our drum trolleys are designed to move 205L drums or smaller containers safely and efficiently. This trolley features a containment well for small leaks and spills.

Safe Pour Decanting Cradle

Take the hazards and hassles out of pouring liquids and use a Liquatex safe pour decanting cradle. These are suited for most industrial drums and containers. Solid construction and powder coated, ensures safety, with heavy duty coating for reliable service life.  -  Holds all common 20 and 25 litre containers - round and square  -  Minimises spills, splashes and lifting…

Drum Dolly

Designed to move containers up to 205 litres safely and efficiently around the plant. Features a secondary containment well for small leaks or spills.  

Stainless Steel Drum Trolley

Prevent a spill by handling your drums correctly. Ergonomic drum trolley designed to protect the operator. Unique design ensures that loads are kept below 20kg even when lifting 300kg.  

Single Drum Rack

Ideal for the safe and efficient storage of a single drum, and enables easy decanting of liquids.  

Drum Stand

Self loading tilting drum stand means drums can be lifted and transported by one man. Wheels facilitate easy transporting of drums.  

Drum Truck

Looking for something to ease the handling full 200 litre drums. Due to the unique design, size and relative weight makes almost no difference to the balance and efficiency of the Drum Truck. The pneumatic wheels are offered where greater shock absorbency is required or where operating conditions are a consideration.

Tip and Run Trays

An innovative unit designed to catch and carry fluids from under vehicles. Comes complete with castors and a drain valve for easy recycling of fluids.