Buy your drum storage from Liquatex to ensure your racking is both safe and space efficient. The products we supply can support and store up to four drums at a time.

Polyethylene Drum Racking System

This safe and space efficient system allows for storage and dispensing of up to 4 drums at one time. Start with the base unit and add up to two levels of stackers. The enclosed sump ensures containment of large spills. The ideal system designed especially for when more than two drums are in consistent use. Stacks can be simply lifted when loaded using materials handling equipment. Manufactured from…

Mini Stacker System

A popular method of safely storing and dispensing 20-30 litre containers. The system consists of a base mini- racker with built in spill protection and enclosed sump and an additional mini-stacker module if required.

Poly Racking Bund

A simpler and safer approach to storing liquids in or on pallet racking. Liquatex’ Poly Racking Bund system is ideally designed to warehouse containers from 5L to 205L – safely. The bunds suit standard racking systems and pallets can be forked directly onto the bund for safe storage.