Liquatex supply spill pallets to provide safe storage of large containers storing hazardous liquids. Complying with regulation requires storage containers must be bunded to exceed the maximum liquid storage - so a 1000 litre container must be protected by a spill panel of 1100 litre capacity.
Browse below for our regular and weather protective spill panels.

IBC Container Storage

Intermediate Bulk Containment made easy. The storage of bulk containers is equally as important as the safe storage of drums. 1000 Litre containers must be bunded to comply with regulations, which state it must have a capacity of 1100 litres. The single IBC storage unit has a safe working load of 2000kg, while the double IBC storage unit has a SWL of 3000kg. Choose from either a single or double unit.…

IBC Weather Covers

Essential for outdoor storage locations. Heavy duty tarpaulin covers are designed to fit securely over a single or double unit. Comes with a galvanized (or stainless steel) frame, with zipper door to the front for quick and easy access. The basic solution to keeping out the weather. Packs flat for storage or transport.