Keep your steel drums together in sturdy containment pallets

If you’re on a worksite that stores a lot of chemicals or other hazardous materials in drums then you know all too well the importance of keeping them bundled together in spill pallets to ensure the safety of employees. A leaking drum or spillage of chemicals or oil from a drum can potentially cause long term harm not only to people but also to the environment.

Liquatex’s quality range of spill pallets are designed to help workplaces in Victoria and throughout Australia maintain and control their hazard materials in a manner that keeps the worksite and employees free from harm.

Spill pallets helping you maintain a safe workplace

Liquatex stocks a range of spill containment pallets that will help you maintain a safe workplace that will reduce the possibility of employee injury or harm. Our spill pallets and PVC covers will ensure that any liquids contained in drums on your worksite – oil, chemicals and other waste matter for example – will be stored in a way that will reduce the likelihood of spillage or leakage. Order your containment pallets from Liquatex today. Call us on 1800 442 126 for more information on our spill containment pallets or fill in the online enquiry form.

Spill Pallets

Oil, Chemicals, or Waste – whatever it is - liquids in drums all need to be safely bunded by a spill pallet. Just consider the consequences of a leaking drum to the environment. It has the potential to make the workplace unsafe, it could run out into the drains, and worse, get into our waterways. Put it on a bunded spill pallet and it’s caught in the sump. The sump must have a capacity…

PVC Covers

The solution to outdoor container storage. Additional to our range of pallets are our heavy duty tarpaulin covers. Designed to fit securely over a 2 or 4 drum pallet. Knock down galvanized (or stainless steel) frame, with zipper door for quick and easy access. The basic solution to keeping out the weather. This of course eliminates the chance of contaminated storm water leaving the bund. Packs flat…