Liquatex can supply you with the perfect tools to safely transport storage drums or maintain the contents of those that are in some way damaged. Specifically designed for versatile loading and movement, browse the range below for a more streamlined drum handling process.

Polyethylene Drum Transporter

Easy loading, moving, locating and dispensing. This drum transporter is a carefully designed unit that avoids unnecessary spills or injuries. 205 litre drums are easily attached, tilted and wheeled into position, by one person. The transporter has a large 230 litre sump that can easily contain all the contents of the drum if it should spill or leak. Constructed with tough polyethylene, the transporter…

Polyethylene Drum and IBC Funnels

Minimise the risks, mess and spills when filling drums and IBC’s by using a drum funnel. Specially designed units sit flat on the top of a drum or IBC container. They also feature an integral debris strainer and hinged lid – ideal for outdoor use. Protects against splashes from buckets or containers, especially where waste liquids or hazardous materials are being poured into drums.

Polyethylene Salvage Drums

Specifically designed to safely transport or contain damaged or leaking drums. Liquatex’ polyethylene salvage drums have either screw down or lever lock lids for safe closure. They are stackable when empty, rollable, and can be easily forked  or gripped by material handling equipment. The drums safely store a wide range of liquids includingoils, fuels, acids and corrosives. Manufactured…