Heavy duty barrel and drum storage measures to maximize your workplace safety.

Protect your employees and the environment at the same time with durable and cost-effective steel drums and IBC bunds. As a leader in providing high quality absorbents and spill containment systems to consumers across Victoria, Liquatex aims to create containers that will ensure your liquids are safely contained, to avoid costly spills and injuries.

Our steel drums and IBC bunds are available in a range of sizes - click on more details below to order the container that best suits your needs.

Steel Drum Bunds

Heavy duty welded steel construction, galvanized or finished with a corrosion resistant paint. Ensure your drums are stored correctly and safely, and avoid costly spills. These bins have a spill capacity that can contain at least 110% of the largest drum stored. Closely spaced support bars allow for large or small drums to be placed directly on the spill bin, or alternatively, standard timber pallets…

IBC Spill Bins

Once again, heavy duty construction, but with the added benefit of allowing the IBC container to be on raised platform, useful for decanting liquid and allowing easy access to the drain valve. For ease of use the bin comes with an additional support tray. To prevent corrosion, the bins come in a durable galvanised finish. Safely store and bund those IBC containers. This unit has close spacing support…