With Liquatex's range of waste collection and disposal products you can ensure safety in not just using dangerous goods around your workplace but disposing of them as well. Our range can ensure safe transport of hazardous materials. Browse below.

Self Closing Drum Covers

Cover converts a standard 205L or a 20L drum to a fire safe receptacle for oil waste rags. The fusible link construction melts automatically to drop cover and extinguish fire within the container. Heavy duty steel cover easily detaches for emptying without removing the strap.

Oily Waste Disposal Cans

Ensure safe collection and storage of waste flammables and oily rags. Safe and efficient transportation and disposal of hazardous materials is possible with Liquatex’ range of containers and receptacles. Used for the temporary disposal of flammables and oily rags, these cans safeguard against spontaneous combustion. Cans open to 600 with slight pressure on foot treadle and close when foot is…